PCB Pin Badges – Roberto

Following the second run of the Clamps badge I’d always planned on doing another robot from Futurama. It’s taken a while but I finally got around to making a Roberto badge.

The main reason for putting this off so long is that it required a combination of black and red that none of my usual fab-houses seemed to offer. I eventually stumbled across ALLPCB who offer black silkscreen over red soldermask for a reasonable price and decided to take the plunge.

These boards use the same process and design as the Skeletor board albeit with yellow LEDs and a smaller battery holder. Coming up with a design that reads as “Roberto” was much easier than when I put the Clamps badge together.

I’m really pleased with how the boards turned out having not used ALLPCB before but I have to be honest, despite me checking the gerber files multiple times, I managed to send them off with an error in the silkscreen layer. Nothing a Sharpie isn’t able to fix!

In fact, I went a step further and ‘painted’ the entire perimeter of the board and it looks great:

As usual these are available on Tindie, now I need to decide what my next project is!